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Mi vida loca

Hola a todos,

Todos en nuestros programas conocen el programa Mi vida loca de BBC. Es un recurso maravilloso para practicar la lengua. Aquí está el enlace. Disfrutalo.



Guess the dialogues..

We had an exercise in our evening class to translate famous movie dialogues to Spanish. Here is a short sample. See if you can guess. These are courtesy Nishant and Uma. More to come

The list.

  1. Tengo madre!
  2. Dejame por dio!
  3. Muestrame el dinero!
  4. Cuantas personas hay? ____: Jefe, dos.
  5. Gabbar: Dame estos manos T…..r!!
  6. En tu casa, no tienes madre y hermana?
  7. en cuidades grandes, grandes, cosas pequenas pequenas va a ocurir
  8. ayuda, ayuda!!
  9. Corre Dhanno corrar! Hoy la reputacion de Basanti esta implicado
  10. Basanti! No bailas enfrente de estos perros
  11. Todo esta bien
  12. Voy a volver (English)
  13. Me tuviste a hola! ((English))
  14. Va a Khandala?
  15. El nombre es Bond, James Bond.
  16. la vida es como un caja de chocolates. Nunca sabe que recibes
  17. La policia de doce paises buscan a DON, pero coger DON no es imposible!

Now, go ahead and guess as many as you can. 🙂


Esta noche es para amar

En linea con el dia de San Valentin, aqui esta una cancion de amor.



What a wonderful world – Kenny G – English song with Spanish subtitles.

Hola todos,

Aqui esta una cancion en ingles – What a wonderful world por Kenny G. Este cancion es muy bella y tiene liricos muy facil para comprender. los liricos estan traducido en espanol. Escuchen esta cancion bella.



Don Quijote de la mancha: las aventuras en Nueva York

Aqui esta un video sobre Don Quijote. El audio es en Espanol, pero hay subtitulos en ingles

Semana de animados – articulo primero

This week, I am on a hunt for Spanish animation videos or English animations translated to Spanish. The first  post is a video from the Spanish version of Pocohontas. Look for expressions like  ‘es mio’ and ‘quiero mas.’ The audio is slow enough, and with the music, the words will stay in your mind forever. Make sure you watch and listen to it more than once.

Tambien, pueden ayudarme buscar mas videos. Si tienen unos videos, por favor enviame las conexiones.



Improve your Spanish listening skills – Through videos

Here’s a great resource to get used to listening to Spanish. Like many other sites, this has videos with Spanish and English sub-titles. But what makes the site unique, and useful are a few other features

  1. You can slow down the videos, and listen to the audio.
  2. There are listening games associated with each video.
  3. English and Spanish subtitles are given at the same time, making it easier to compare and learn vocabulario.

However, there is a catch. There are only four or five videos which are free and to view the rest, you need to subscribe.

Here’s the link to the site

Hope you enjoy at least the four videos available 🙂



NB: If you have found resources like these, please post the links in the comments. Will be very useful.

Useful blog for Spanish learning

Hola todos,

Here is a very useful blog to find good resources for Spanish





Reflex your verby

Reflexive verbs is a concept which is slightly difficult to understand in Spanish because we don’t use it a lot in English. Here’s a video that is trying to teach this in a very interesting way.





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